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TGT Tea Co.,Ltd got awarded with 2 gold prizes during The 10th Global Tea Cup hold successfully during 2020 Global Tea Fair China(Shenzhen). In 2019, TGT Tea Co.,Ltd also won 1 gold prize in the event.

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The Golden Triangle tea is the centuries-old tea plant from the unique Golden Triangle region, Myanmar where heights are ranging from about 1500-2200 meters from sea level.

This centuries-old tea that grown in the dense natural environment of the forest is used as the raw material.

Our mission is to produce good quality tea that embrace and value the environment and biodiversity for everyone to enjoy.

Because of the different mountain areas, the ecological environment, soil, taste, aroma, and after taste-sweetness are unique, the rich flavor of tea comes from the natural growth, which planting system prevent deforestation and has been passed down from generation to generation.

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